About us

Palmat Reliance founded in 1965 and has remained under the management of the same family during the whole of period since its formation. We have 50 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and marketing accessories for the aluminum windows, doors and shutters.

Palmat Reliance is one of the leading companies that deals with producing and importing of door and windows accessories. Our machinery is individually tailored to our ideas and requirements. The high quality of our products is achieved because we are able to design and build our production equipment where is necessary. Another important factor is the fact that behind every machine, there are committed and motivated employees with the ambition to be the best in their field.

We constantly increase our range of products with from different countries in order to satisfy our customers request and to stay ahead in this competitive world.

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At the picture: Mr. Meir Levy, the founder and president of the company

About us

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